Bourbon Barrel-Aged SuperShake™ Available Now!

One SuperShake™ is for the grownups, and one SuperShake™ is for the kids…and the grownups! Bottles available at Superdawg® Wheeling!

Bourbon Barrel-Aged SuperShake™, our Chicago-style collaboration with fellow Northwest Side small business, Lake Effect Brewing Company, is back and tastier than ever! This chocolate Supermalt™ inspired stout is perfect drinking for a cozy night at home. It’s full of decadent chocolate and vanilla flavors (not to mention those bourbon notes) and it tastes pretty super paired with ice cream…Trust us! Big enough to share (and we recommend that you do), this stout clocks in at 11% ABV!

Bottles of BA SuperShake™ are available for purchase at Superdawg® Wheeling on Black Friday, and are $16/ 500 ml bottle.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged SuperShake™